About Us

So you came online, while searching for good clothes that suit you best, or latest gadget, or trendy shoes, or simply sports shoes and ammunition. Hundreds of websites come in and say they are the right choice and you can find what you want over there. You are following those links, check tons of useless stuff and information and understand that you are wasting your time. None of these websites give you a manual to buy right what you need without reviewing hundreds of other products which you will never need!

Why did we create EYESAYES? Because we are in the same position. We were in the same position. Our family sat down and we said to each other: we want to buy all what we need on one simple and transparent portal without checking tons of websites which will be useless and waste of time. This is how EYESAYES was created.

We sell on EYESAYES what we buy ourselves. We share our ideas and suggestions every day and add products and brands that we need. With a desire to offer diversity of options, we aim to give you exactly what you need to buy NOW. Tomorrow or next month you will want to buy something else, and we will do our best to be right there to offer you exactly what you need at that particular moment.

Do you want us to partner with a particular brand or product that is not yet listed on EYESAYES? Please email us immediately at info@eyesayes.com and we will take care of the rest!

EYESAYES is a family business. We always discuss the products to add on our portal together. Our daughter helps us to customize Kids menu. Even our grandson has the voting right. Being more than 6 months old he is the most emotional part of our teamJ

We truly hope you will enjoy your shopping with us. Please share your feedbacks and comments to improve us and we will work on to bring you pleasure from online purchases. Thank you!